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      Who is this bullying, bombastic, bloviating, bellicose blathering, bs-ing buffoon who utters disgusting, disgraceful, deceitful, discredited diatribes?

      Sadly, as surreal and regrettable as it might be, it’s the President of the United States.

      Bullying is obnoxious — not to mention damaging — no one more than Donald Trump personifies this offensive trait. For years,

      Donald Trump has been the very personification of the consummate bully. And according to the great comedian Mel Brooks, using humor and satire are the best ways to respond to those blowhards who abuse their power.

      It is our belief that by displaying our products, you'll send a message that will make people think -- maybe the last thing Trump  would want anyone to do. Also, others will see and understand the essence of this misogynistic megalomaniac

      Humor is refreshing — not to mention liberating — and our products personify humor.



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